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  1. Hi Lauryne. We just love your work. We have been looking for something a bit different that has been done in NZ. Where can we see your art displayed. We live up north but can easily get to Auckland if you have a gallery somewhere. Cheers. Kate

  2. Hi Lauryne I’m a student at baradene college and I am doing a project on the art at baradene and saw that we have your painting refection and I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about the painting

  3. Hi, we met on the beach. your paintings are wonderful, I love them, I love the colors and the characters. everybody is playing a role, I mean that every figure is telling his/her own story. I tried to imagine what they had to tell me and they told me a lot, about themselves and what they want to be.
    you are a terrific artist! Margherita

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